How to order

1 The only information we require when placing a steering wheel cover order by phone, email or fax are Color, Size (A, AX, AXX, C, B, BX or special order measurements). You may download the current Sizing Chart from Downloads, view the size chart. If you’re ordering EuroTones, it is important that you indicate the color combination in the right order. The first color will be on top & bottom of the steering wheel. The second color will be on the sides. When ordering EuroPerfs, state the word “Perf” after the color which is to be perforated.

2 Orders placed before 1PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday will be processed and shipped the same day. All Orders drop shipped directly to your customer’s home or office will be sent by Priority Mail ($9.00). Most orders will arrive within 2 to 4 days. If the customer does not receive their order, we will provide the tracking number.

3 You can place your orders by email - or by phone (800) 755-2128. We would prefer that you place your Drop Ship Orders by email if possible to ensure accuracy of your Ship-To-Address. All email orders will receive a confirmation response. If you require a confirmation response to your fax orders, please provide a confirmation response page.

4 Special Order – If you cannot find the correct Wheelskins size for your customer’s vehicle on our current year Sizing Chart or E-Sizing Chart, have your customer measure the steering wheel…no extra charge for Special Orders.

5 Customer Service- All customer service issues can be resolved by calling us at 1 800 755-2128 or e-mailing us at We handle non-monetary requests from your customers such as extra or replacement lace sets, color changes, and size changes, as long as the cover has not been installed. Defective covers will be replaced at no cost to your customer. Wheelskins has been in business since 1977, and we base our longevity on excellent products and customer service.

Wheelskins Dealers Questions & Answers

1 Why should I carry the Wheelskins product line?

Wheelskins has excellent name recognition with generations of automobile consumers. If you demand quality products, Wheelskins is recognized as the leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of fine Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers.

2 Is your product line carried by any national discount chain store?

Wheelskins does not sell directly to any national discount store chain.

3 How do you support your Retail Store Dealers?

Retail stores that place an initial order of 12 Wheelskins products will receive the following Wheelskins Retail Package:
» Our Point of Purchase Display featuring an Actual Steering Wheel, covered with a Wheelskins Steering Wheel Cover, and leather color samples.
» Wheelskins POP Product Line Sign.
» Wheelskins Product Literature.
» Wheelskins current year Application Chart with automatic annual updates.
» Point of sale Product Flyers or Mailers, custom printed with your store information.
» After your initial order, retail stores can order in any quantity. Absolutely, no minimum order!

4 Do you offer Drop Ship services?

Wheelskins' Drop Ship Program is the Best in the Industry! We offer drop ship services for retail, catalogue and online businesses. Wheelskins dealers must be on net terms or paying by credit card. Regular Orders or Special Orders placed before 1PM Pacific Time will be processed and shipped the same day by Priority Mail.

5 If a customer does not receive their order, can you provide a tracking number?

All Drop Ship orders are shipped by United States Priority Mail.
If the customer does not receive their order, we will provide the tracking number. Wheelskins guarantees delivery on all orders.

6 If a customer receives an order and the item is the wrong color or size, how do you handle it?

If the customer receives the wrong color or size, Wheelskins will request that the customer return the incorrect item to us, and we will ship a replacement order by Priority Mail the same day.

7 If a customer needs help installing their newly bought Wheelskins product, do we handle it or should I have them call your customer service 800# phone line?

We recommend that you refer your customers to our customer service staff at 800-755-2128.

8 If a customer breaks the lace or misplaces the Wheelskins Installation Instructions, etc., how do you handle it?

Have your customer call us at 800-755-2128 or email us their request with their mailing address to . We will satisfy your customer's request the same day, at no charge.

9 What is the length of your warranty program?

Our "no questions asked" Warranty is 90 days on all Wheelskins products.

10 We have Wheelskins stock that's been sitting on our shelves and not moving, can we exchange it and what is the restocking fee?

Wheelskins has an Anytime Exchange program for our Dealers. Wheelskins has no restocking charges.