Driving Tips


“Driving their car is the most dangerous thing that most people will ever do!”

Signal your intentions

Use your turn signal for every turn and every lane change, every time! Don’t surprise your fellow drivers.

Hang up and Live

Whether hand held, or hands free, talking or texting on your cell phone diverts your attention to your call, and away from driving. Pull over, or wait until later. Don’t make your next call your last.

See and be seen

Keep your head lights on at all times. This is especially important in rain and fog, and at dusk. The ability of other drivers to see your vehicle might save your life. Just remember to turn off your lights when you park. Most vehicles will remind you if you leave them on. Most carmakers already install daytime running lights on their vehicles.

Keep those windshields clean

Dirt on the outside or inside of your windshield will increase glare on sunny days. Also, dirt on the inside of your windshield attracts moisture, increasing defrosting time. This is especially true for a smoker’s vehicle.

Turn on the AC when you defrost

In the winter, to defrost more quickly, turn on your air conditioner. The air is dried as it passes through the AC and it removes the dampness from the windshield more quickly.

Wipe those wipers

When you clean your windshield at the gas station, also wipe your wiper blades clean. This will keep them from scratching your windshield, they will clean better and last longer.

Wind in your hair?

If you like to drive with your driver’s side window fully or partially open, but don’t like the wind blowing in your hair, try lowering the rear window directly behind you. This allows the wind to flow through the driver’s window and out the rear window without messing up your hair. Just remember to close the rear window when you park.

Wear your seatbelt

If it only saves your life once, it’s worth the trouble.

Do the 360

Use your inside rear view mirror and your outside mirrors to keep a 360 degree view of the area around your car, and your position in traffic. This is especially important in freeway or expressway driving. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and choose a lane which allows you to keep your desired speed without impeding the progress of other drivers. Remember, the right lanes are for cruising and the far left lane is for passing.

“We want you to stay happy, comfortable and alive so that you can enjoy our fine products.”
-- Jim Valley